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Best representation I've ever had! – I went through one of the ugliest and longest child custody cases one could only imagine. I was referred to Mr. Kerns' office through a close friend who is an attorney in another state. The case was very long and drawn out, but through it all, the staff of Mr. Kerns' office, including he himself, were nothing but supportive and compassionate. They worked with me for so long, it's like they are a part of my family now. They never let me down, nor quit on me. At times when I was struggling financially, they still stayed with me and helped me. I feel like I owe them more than money could buy. I feel forever indebted to them, and not in a financial way. They were so very wonderful to me and my family. They actually cared about us, and looked at us as more than just another client. For that, I am forever grateful to them! <3

Jodi F.

Satisfied Client
Awesome Law Firm – Seeking an attorney was not easy, I was in a constant state-of-the--I Can’t Believe-its’ and on the verge of tears (if I were not crying), as well as afraid of trusting an attorney (especially after hearing over the years the unpleasant stories about divorce attorneys). I took the advice of my brother to interview with at least three attorneys before making a choice. Attorney Kerns was referred to me by a friend of my sister, and the other two where referrals as well. I recommend Attorney Kerns and Associates to anyone who wants honest, experienced and tenacious professional s, yet, with a heart for hurting people. Blessings to Attorney Kerns and Associates.

Sharon C.

Happy Client
Experienced and Friendly Law Firm!  Ralph A. Kerns Law Offices has been a blessing for me. I spoke with a couple attorneys before hiring Ralph A. Kerns Law Offices and felt pretty confident with my decision. It turned out that I made the right decision. Ralph Kerns Law Offices helped me file my bankruptcy and planned the perfect time for me to file. Every time I call I get a live person on the phone, not a voicemail unlike some of the law offices I’ve called when shopping around. I would definitely recommend this firm to anyone who is looking for compassionate representation that cares. I’m so glad they told me to wait unlike the other firms I spoke with. They were even able to answer some of my questions I had about child support. They get an A+ in my book!

Sara L.

Satisfied Client